Stories That Explain Everything: “Go Cut That Tree Down”

My Dad and I sit in the living room together, silent for quite a while. He looks out the window at the pond in the back.

“Hey, Joey. I need you to cut that tree down out there,” he says.


“That tree that covers up the view of that part of the lake. I’d like it down, it’s not healthy and I can’t get down there in the bank because of my hip.”

“Which tree?”

“The one to the right of the porch.”

We both lean over to look out the window and he points to it.

“That big one?” I ask.


“How do I cut down a tree?”

“You just get something sharp and keep going.”

I nod.

“Ok… can I finish my coffee first?”

“Yeah. Sometime today would be great. Haul it over near the garage when you’re done.”


I sip my coffee, thinking about whether I’d seen a big saw in the garage.

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