Wavespiration is a wave photography series I began in 2016.

It is also my love letter to the mermaid hearted.

I stood at the shoreline, watching waves roll in one after another. I am six years old and not far off, my family unpacks the car to spend the day on the beach on the off-road side of Assateague Island in Maryland.
“Here comes a wave..
here comes a wave…
here comes a wave…”
– me for hours
At that age, I still had effortless access to timeless dreamery and felt I might have been there for five minutes.  From what I’m told, I stood staring at the sea and announcing new waves for an hour. I wasn’t new to the ocean experience, as I grew up there, I just loved it that much and enjoyed it deeply overtime.
I photograph waves today because my love for the sea never really dissolved. Im obsessed again and never want to shake it. It also keeps me present to the uniqueness of the present moment. No wave will ever show up exactly the same ever again. This is the one. And this is the one. And so is this one. This is so for all of life and waves keep me present to that.
Wavespiration is also my love letter to everyone with a mermaid heart. For those who love and/or miss the sea.
Currently in the works with a Wavespiration photo book.
Ocean waves = pure joy