I Made An Action Film, “Pass: Krav Maga”

So… I made an action film.

I started studying krav maga three years ago when I was tired of gymness (as in, not going) and was looking for something exciting and productive, something which I could combine workout and new skill development at the same time. I also made a goal of doing action films as an actor. Krav Maga was something I was always attracted to and fit three of my intentions.


Yep, It was intimidating at first.

I would go and then not for a month, making wonderfully convincing excuses and then find my way back, then back off and on again. I realized that wishy-washy crapola was a habit I was taking with me everywhere, starting something and kinda doing it and letting the fire fizzle out right when I gain momentum and then brushing it off as “something I didn’t really want anyway”, which is total BS. So I started thanking my fears and showing up anyway and quickly the super community and total empowerment from each class kept me coming back for more.

So two years ago, I made a goal of being ready for my Level 2 test by November 2015, which meant I needed to also take my Level 1. Its a goal technique that works for me – just make a bigger goal than the one I’m afraid of and it doesn’t seem as scary. Anyway, I scheduled this shoot a few weekends after because I knew I would be in top shape from the test (which, btw, are around 8 hours and designed to exhaust you and THEN you take the real test).

Honestly, this shoot was harder for me than those eight hour tests, which for anyone who’s been through them, that’s saying a lot. Not only longer in duration but I had to be “on” physically as an actor and mentally as producer/director. It should have been a three-day shoot, but we did it in one. I’m so proud of everyone in the cast and crew showed up with flying colors (and flying hammer-fists).

I was going for gritty and raw, yet funny and watchable. Inspired by the fight scenes in Daredevil and Krav Maga level tests, where everyone is exhausted and beat up and it feels real and honest.

Leave it to Byron Brown to bring in the funny.

Hope you enjoy this 4 minute ride.

Pass: Krav Maga