“I mean, you’re gonna find out what you’re really made of. You’re strong enough for that. Like Thundercats and She-ra, you’re going to have your own superhero journey. That means it’s gonna have some real, real tough parts. Even though you’ll surround yourself with an amazing tribe of friends and helpers, you have to figure out your own way. A true adventure.”

If you stop typing for around eight seconds, all the words you’ve written so far begin to fade away. If you don’t save it in time by typing in time, everything you wrote thus far is deleted. As in gone, and unrecoverable. Blip.

So I went out and purchased the app that deletes my writing.

Just before a breakthrough, the mind’s past paradigm that once went undetected feels like bondage. Like mind-jail. It’s […]

We often sit in self-created holes feeling stuck, yet surrounded by solutions. What we say we’re looking for can be right there in front of us. We can’t experience the inspiration of a solution when we are listening to our Voice of Reasons.

I’d rather be dumb love full of heart than suffocate in all the smart.

As I continue to build the world in which this story exists and play with different characters and settings, I find it helpful to explore who they are in sketches. Sometimes I just start sketching and something new develops that I didn’t originally intend. Expressing the story with multiple creative methods helps to keep it flowing and fluid and exploratory and, most importantly, fun.

For anyone considering writing any kind of anything, go do it. Just take the first step and figure it out from there. Step by step, word by word. It'll drive you nuts. And you'll love it. Or hate it. But at least you'll know.